Visibly Angry as Canines Left Behind in Afghanistan

Where Do I Enlist and Who Do I Bite First?

2 min readAug 31, 2021
Photo of several service dogs left behind in crates in Afghanistan. A military helicopter in the background.
screengrab off twitter [at]imjdsharp | edited by dog

Why do humans keep fighting? It solves nothing. And now my buddies who are so loyal, ever by your side, faithful warriors, you’ve left them behind in a war zone.

I am at a loss for human words.

Pray our fellow canines are rescued. There are still humans in danger too. Just make all the madness stop! I cannot take the news any longer.

My human rarely looks at the news anymore. It is too much.

But we saw this just now, images of my fellow dog furiends in harm’s way. How can this have been allowed? We hope whomever took this photo has made arrangements for these service canine officers to be cared for. They are keenly aware of what is happening, yet still dedicated to duty.


I try my best to comfort my human here at home. I feel so helpless to comfort furiends so very very far away.

Pray. Sometimes it is all we can do.

Screengrab of the original tweet, for credit.
credit / the original tweet (screengrab)