I’m So Hot, Too Sassy For My Tricks

It’s Hot and I’m Not Too Cool for School! — with video

2 min readSep 3, 2021


(palm trees)by Steve Harvey on Unsplash | dog & editing by me

Oh my dog, gotcha! You think I am a giant! I’m just really clever. I love to place myself in imaginary scenery around the world. This one’s not so far-fetched. Get it? Fetch. Anyway, I really do live in a desert, but it’s not how people imagine. There are plenty of trees, streams around the valley and so many dog parks!

Education is hot. I sometimes think humans are, well, a little dumb. On this morning desert walk, my human said, “It’s so hot, my brain is fried. Time to go home, buddy.” But my brain feels fine. I’m cool as a cucumber. I tried those once. I don’t hate’m, but don’t really like’m either.

Here’s me, tricking you again! You think I’m saying look at me stacking rocks. But I’m just really clever. Bonus video of my human thinking she’s teaching me. Nope. I am humoring her for treats. Who’s the smart one? Me, dog!

Somewhere in the Mojave Desert | photos by dog

Sorry the video is not the greatest quality. Hey, my human is not as clever as me. But we have a lot of fun together on adventures, walks and the dog park. My human likes to take a lot of…