Where Do I Enlist and Who Do I Bite First?

Why do humans keep fighting? It solves nothing. And now my buddies who are so loyal, ever by your side, faithful warriors, you’ve left them behind in a war zone.

I am at a loss for human words.

Pray our fellow canines are rescued. There are still humans in danger…


Good Dog Vs Evil Doctor

Every time the human tries to tell me what to do, I remind it I once saved the world. Am Poodle. Am International dog of mystery. Respect.

A pigeon landed on the balcony. My poodle noggin whipped around in fixed attention. Wait, there’s something on its foot! “Bark! Bark! Bark…


Today is a Very Good Day for a Very Good Dog. That’s Me.

Kicker letter of the day is T. Today being my first day as a writer, you’d think I’d start with A, but you’re wrong. Perhaps you thought it’d be P for peanut butter or Poodle. Wrong again, woof. Today is T for treats.

Treated the human today to tidy tasks…


from dog, with love

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