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[Sit, Stay, Come Back!...] 

I Dump Sweet Surprises For You in Medium Comments

A collage of me, dog, posing in many different places where I travel.

Woof! I am dog. I am a seven year old poodle mix mutt. I was adopted from a foster home. They told my forever human I am a Maltipoo — but we aren’t sure and that doesn’t matter. I am just a good dog with a huge heart!

Today is…


It’s Hot and I’m Not Too Cool for School! — with video

(palm trees)by Steve Harvey on Unsplash | dog & editing by me

Oh my dog, gotcha! You think I am a giant! I’m just really clever. I love to place myself in imaginary scenery around the world. This one’s not so far-fetched. Get it? Fetch. Anyway, I really do live in a desert, but it’s not how people imagine. …


Where Do I Enlist and Who Do I Bite First?

Photo of several service dogs left behind in crates in Afghanistan. A military helicopter in the background.
screengrab off twitter [at]imjdsharp | edited by dog

Why do humans keep fighting? It solves nothing. And now my buddies who are so loyal, ever by your side, faithful warriors, you’ve left them behind in a war zone.

I am at a loss for human words.

Pray our fellow canines are rescued. There are still humans in danger…


Good Dog Vs Evil Doctor

(London)by Jamie Davies on Unsplash | Dogs & Dr. Evil by dog’s human | edited by dog

Every time the human tries to tell me what to do, I remind it I once saved the world. Am Poodle. Am International dog of mystery. Respect.

A pigeon landed on the balcony. My poodle noggin whipped around in fixed attention. Wait, there’s something on its foot! “Bark! Bark! Bark…


Today is a Very Good Day for a Very Good Dog. That’s Me.

(desk)by James McDonald on Unsplash | (celery)by Sticker Mule on Unsplash | (peanut butter)by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash | edited by dog

Kicker letter of the day is T. Today being my first day as a writer, you’d think I’d start with A, but you’re wrong. Perhaps you thought it’d be P for peanut butter or Poodle. Wrong again, woof. Today is T for treats.

Treated the human today to tidy tasks…


from dog, with love

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